Norwegian Standard NS8178:2014 - Acoustic criteria for rooms and spaces for music rehearsal and performance

12.09.2017 09:42 Skrevet av Jon G. Olsen

There have for a long time been complaints about poor acoustic conditions for music rehearsal. The music industry and organizations took therefore an initiative to develop a Norwegian standard for acoustics in music rooms. In April 2014, the standard NS 8178 Acoustic criteria for rooms and spaces for music rehearsal and performance, was published.

Municipalities spend a lot of money on cultural venues and rehearsal spaces in schools, community centers as well as in other locations, but they have not had available to them a recognized tool that can be used to determine criteria
for acoustic conditions for rooms where music is to be played. Rehearsal rooms and halls are built, often without setting requirements for room acoustics and sound conditions.

As a result of this, Standards Norway put together a standardization group with participants from Norsk Musikkråd (Norwegian Music Council) and the music industry, municipalities, acoustic consultants, Musikkutstyrsordningen (Music equipment organization), Musikernes fellesorganisasjon (The Union of Norwegian Musicians), Statsbygg and others. Together, this group has devel-oped the new standard for music rooms.

NS 8178 is available at

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Contact: Project manager Iiris Turunen-Rindel, Standards Norway,

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